Shannon & Aidan's wedding @The The Federal Mills Geelong by Nownalways | Now 'n Always Melbourne Wedding Photography & Wedding Video


Shannon & Aidan’s wedding @The The Federal Mills Geelong by Nownalways





Photo/Film by Now’n Always

So many hugs exchanged, so many kisses exchanged, but most importantly Shannon & Aidan exchanged their vows! So happy for you both and wishing you all the best in your next stage in life!
The Federal Mills held such an exquisite and stunning venue. With their warm hospitality and vibrant surrounding it added much greater experience to to everyone! Definitely recommend checking them out!


Melbourne wedding venue : The The Federal Mills

The Federal is a bustling cafe, restaurant and bar and a distinguished event for a range of weddings in Geelong.  The Federal was transformed from the historical Geelong Federal Mills of the 1920’s into a stylish venue with an Art Deco aesthetic and vibrant atmosphere.


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